Worry less, move more.

The spectrum of people who practice the Gyrotonic Expansion System is wide and varied. Training sessions are one-on-one, giving the client the incredible opportunity to have an individualized exercise experience with guidance, attention, and creativity. With hands-on cues, habitual movement patterns that may not be serving us can be broken down while we simultaneously create new neural maps that expand our movement index.

We are a small studio with lofty intentions.

The equipment, called a tower, helps guide clients into their “mobility blind spots,” the places that are unfamiliar or challenging. This is where change occurs. That is why when practiced regularly it’s an ideal option for rehabilitation exercise as well as for improving athletic performance and for injury prevention.

Whether you want to increase flexibility and range, reduce pain, increase performance, or all of the above, the way transformation happens is with slow, articulated movement.

FOR THE ATHLETE - Gyrotonic movement fits nicely into your current fitness routine if you move regularly. Enjoy the creative elements it provides

• Cyclists, hikers, runners, and skiers all benefit from the variability in movement that is absent in more linear activities.

• You can reach further into your swimming, yoga, or martial arts practice, and/or your golf or tennis swing.

• It allows you to integrate strength and flexibility in dance and gymnastics.

FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO AGE GRACEFULLY - Generally speaking, baby boomers are active and physically fit. However, that doesn’t make them immune to the effects of osteopenia, chronic pain, or arthritis. The Gyrotonic method is the ideal exercise for the “wiser” population

• You can more easily maintain an upright and comfortable posture.

• It helps you to improve joint mobility and retain youthful movement.

• You will build strength and enjoy the empowerment of self-reliance.

FOR REHABILITATION - If you are recovering from an injury or suffer from persistent pain, I am happy to work with your physical therapist to ensure a comprehensive, full-bodied approach to rehabilitation. Rolfing and movement are also complementary in helping you achieve comfort. See my website evergreenrolfing.com for more information.

• Increase your ability to move comfortably again.

• Remap your brain’s capacity for safe and efficient actions.

• Your needs are always addressed through individual attention.