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As an “aging” cyclist, I’m always looking for engaging ways to improve flexibility, strength and activities that enable me to enjoy life to the fullest. Luckily, I read about Anna and her passion for the Gyrotonic method! I was really intrigued after only one session. It doesn’t take tremendous strength, although I feel stronger; it doesn’t make you sweat but it’s challenging and after an hour of continuous movement, I feel taller and energized. It’s an hour I very much look forward to!
~ Sharon F.

My Gyrotonic sessions have become the favorite part of my week. Anna is positive and encouraging and has the ability to help you move in ways that you hadn't considered. We have been able to increase the strength in my right hip (two years post hip replacement) so that both sides of my body move more fluidly and comfortably. I leave sessions feeling energized and ready for new challenges. Thanks, Anna!
~ Diane B.

I am a retired 77 year old avid cyclist. The Gyrotonic method has helped me stay young, active and more flexible on the bike and in everyday life. It has helped me acquire more fluid movements in my body. I have not only benefitted with increased range of motion but enjoy a stronger body as well. I highly recommend the Gyrotonic Expansion System!
~ Dave S.

After being a yoga practitioner for over 40 years, I am very aware of my body and it’s needs. At 74 years of age, the demand to stay strong becomes more and more critical. Pilates and working with a personal trainer was added to increase my strength, however, after being introduced to the Gyrotonic method, I feel it combines everything into one! It offers me the stretching that an aging body needs, plus wonderful strengthening with weight resistance. It has taught me a new way to support and protect my joints. I am sold and very grateful for this method of practice.
~ Susan S.