Movement that’s as good for your brain as it is for your body.

Gyro (spiral) Tonic (tone)

The Gyrotonic Expansion System is a unique approach to movement. This gentle system allows the body to fully express itself. The brilliantly crafted equipment gently guides you through safe, smooth, non-compressive exercises that encourage rotation and expansion, providing both resistance and support. “The machines are built around the body and allow the body to move with no end point,” Matt Aversa, vice president of Gyrotonic International, explains. Its effects feel as though you are lengthening, stretching, and opening while simultaneously creating stability, strength, and steadiness. These qualities of stabilization and opening happen through contrast, or opposition, attained by a counter balance of opposing forces. The dynamics of the three-dimensional movements take the joints through natural ranges of motion and allow the body to articulate in multiple planes.

In real-life terms, this can mean aging gracefully, effortlessly turning your head to back out of a parking space, easily reaching for an item on the top shelf, painlessly bending down to tie your shoes, or playing with kids, grandkids, and dogs with joy and ease. Gyrotonic sessions infinitely translate into making everyday life activities more possible and enjoyable. They can stand alone as the physical component of your healthy lifestyle or act as the perfect complement to your cross-training fitness program.